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Why your site needs a SSL Certificate and Why you should use SSL Checker

Just to name a few benefits SSL Certificates Secure the Transfer of Data. Its important to secure data that is submitted to your web server from your users, especially if that data is sensitive in nature. An SSL Certificate has SEO Benefits. SSL Certificates Earn Your Users Trust. In other words, an SSL Certificate is nowadays a must have, not only for a respected online shop, but also for any website at large. SSLs are widespread on web pages where users sign in to a backend area. Even Google has also openly confirmed...
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How do I change my URL in WordPress and Why is it so Important to check for broken Links

You can easily change the Site URL for your WordPress page any time you want, but there are a few important adjustments that must be made before making the switch. Steps to follow: 1. Change WordPress URL in WordPress Admin Dashboard. After downloading all your site files to your local PC and then moving them to your new URL, you will need to log into your WordPress Dashboard as an administrator. Next, you will click on Settings from the menu, and then General. … Then you will enter the new (URL)...
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Will Meta Description Tag Disappear Over Time?

According to Adrian Head, in his article titled "Goodbye to Meta Descriptions" at, he claims that the era of Meta Descriptions tag is almost over. After going over the article, which you will read further below, I couldn't help but to share it with you, so you could know what is really happening. Though Adrian may be right in what he is saying, having the Meta Description tags eliminated from a website, is just too much for most of us to assimilate. Think about it for a moment. Google and other search engines can always...
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The Importance of SEO Tools to Web Professionals

We all know how important SEO Tools are to Search Engine Optimization Professionals. It’s virtually impossible to get any SEO task done without the help of a tool. But with the wealth of choices available now-a-days in the market, how do you know what SEO Tool is best for which SEO task? Seo Prime Tools Team had to do something about it. Since our aim is to make Search Engine Optimization (SEO) easy for everyone, we thought, why not provide the very same tools we utilize on a daily basis to check...
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Meta Tags - Why should you have it on your site

What are Meta Tags and why should any website owner or SEO Professional use it?  Meta tags are snippets of text hidden in the page’s code and are used to describe a page’s content. It is typically a sentence or two of content which describes the content of the page. A good meta description tag should: be relevant and unique to the page; reinforce the page title; and focus on including offers and secondary keywords and phrases to help add context to the page title. Relevant meta description tags may appear...
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